Lots of projects on the bench

I’ve got my workbench stacked with projects in various phases of completion.  In addition to a wall-to-wall bench at standing height, my husband built me a new leather hide rack, which helped me tidy up my space.  After four years without a proper workspace, it’s amazing to have my own shop again, and I am not taking it for granted.  I’ve mounted my inspiration board on the wall, installed a speaker system to dock my iPhone into, and stocked up on water and roasted pistachios.  I don’t even need to live in my house anymore.

I just listed two new items in the Etsy shop:  a hand-cut leather corset-tie wristband and a hand-drawn, -cut, -painted rose on a swivel clasp.  (I’m not really sure what the rose is for, but after I got all my hides mounted the edge of the burgundy latigo hide looked like a rose; so that’s what I did.)  All-in, I have 49 items for sale — many of which are actually useful.  Thank you for your support!