New custom and readymade items in December

Lucky me!  This year I received a commission for a buckskin rune pouch.  I chose a vintage buckskin, dyed it black, and created a veg-tan cowhide domestic cat skull badge, dyed blue, tacked on with rough knots showing on the badge.  It’s on its way to its new cat-loving owner’s home in Minneapolis, MN.  It’s around 4×7″ with a rawhide drawstring and a skull-and-crossbones charm.

Next up is a large readymade wristband, now available in my Etsy shop:  it’s veg-tan cowhide, hand-cut and dyed dark brown.  It features a Ghostrider concho and two 9/16″ steel hex spikes.  Closes with line 24 snaps (adjustable 7.5-8.5″) and is 1″ wide.

Last up is a custom veg-tan cowhide growler carrier, dyed dark brown.  This was made as a gift from a secret Santa and was sent off to Shrewsbury, MA.  Features a hand-sewn comfort handle, and it’s handmade top to bottom, from the drawing to the assembly.  You can order your own in my Etsy shop.

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