Excited about this new collar!

I’ve listed some new items in my Etsy shop, including this one-of-a-kind handmade leather flowers and gears collar necklace.  I’ve been wanting to make this for years.  Modeled by shop mannequin, who for whatever reason is wearing safety glasses.

Also, I put up a handful of privacy luggage tags:  HANDS OFF, WTF, NOT YOURS, NO, DUDE, PRIVATE, NOT YOU, and KEEP OUT.  These make fun gifts!

I also made a second variation of the skull cameo keyfob.

My plan this summer is to catch up on custom orders, do a couple repairs in the queue, and crank out some more ideas and experiments.  I have a cool little vintage miniature suitcase (it was an old men’s grooming kit) that I’m going to come up with a fresh take on.  I also want to try my hand at a vest and saddlebags, which I hope to finish in time for the Alaska State Fair 2018 exhibitions.  Thanks for visiting!