Policies and Ethics

Leather Sources
I try to use recycled or ethically sourced leather. If I can take an already-existing leather product and reuse it, I will do so.  Organic listings are made with leather from humanely raised animals, using eco- and worker-friendly processing methods.

I take your privacy seriously. Customer information is managed in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

Your product will come packaged in Trellis Earth biodegradable corn (bioplastic) bags. From the Trellis Earth website: “Bioplastics are designed to biodegrade via natural processes. Traditional plastic bags and food containers require great amounts of energy and raw materials (natural gas, oil and coal) to produce and recycle. Only approximately 1-3% of plastic bags are recycled and plastics in our landfills take hundreds or thousands of years to degrade and tax our environment by leaching toxins. (Note: bioplastics cannot and should not be introduced into the traditional plastic recycling stream because corn plastic “contaminates” the process, weakening the resulting products made after recycling.)”

I use recycled padding for shipments when possible.

Leatherwork is time-consuming. I basically make $5/hour; so please don’t tell me my products are too expensive. One-of-a-kind pieces are largely experimentation. If I charged for my labor, my pieces would be outrageously priced. I point this out because cheap imports have destroyed people’s ability to appreciate handmade pricing. I try to be reasonable.

Services Available
I do repairs and chainmaille. If you have an old leather satchel or mailbag or other piece, please submit photos and I’ll let you know whether I can help you. For a sample of repair work, check out the restorations category of my portfolio.

Payment and Non-Payment
I accept PayPal, check, or money order. My stipulation with checks is that I wait for them to clear before I ship. I will contact you; and, if you have not paid within 5 days or notified me that payment is on the way, I will return readymade items to available status. See my policies for Custom orders on the Custom page.

I am also open to bartering by formal, written agreement. Please contact me.

I ship USPS First Class and USPS Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation. UPS or FedEx by special request. If you request insurance, I will be glad to comply. If not, delivery is at your own risk.

Refunds and Exchanges
RETURNS: If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, I will offer you an item in exchange within 30 days. Shipping will not be refunded.

DAMAGE/LOSS: If you do not request insurance and the item is damaged or lost in transit, you are responsible.

Repairs to my own work are free; all you need do is pay postage. This does not include replacing worn out leather: leather just wears, and you need to take care of it. Full guarantees depend upon the item. Sometimes recycled, vintage, and found materials can be unstable; and I do a lot of experimentation. Please ask upon purchase. No guarantees on used items!

Leatherwork, made in Alaska