Tattoo badge heavy-duty backpack


This is your forever backpack, a real statement piece

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This backpack is made with black stoned oil cowhide with a rust suede pigskin liner and copper hardware.  It is hand-drawn, -cut, -glued, -punched, -stitched, and -painted.  No machines!   The flap badge is veg tan leather with acrylic dyes, paints, and sealant; I dyed the main flap suede black because it will wear better over time as a high-use part of the backpack and this will prevent color transfer from the cowhide.  The image is original art, a tribute piece to mothers everywhere and a take-off on the 1950s flash style of Tattoo Peter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The straps at the top hook into Dee rings that are secured into a sandwiched aluminum and 10 oz veg tan leather brace for durability.  Assembly also includes copper rivets and burrs, and I made a black latigo lace cinch for the top.  The flaps secure with copper plate cart buckles, and the straps attach with copper plate flat arch swivel spring snaps.  All Dee rings are copper plate as well.  I applied silicone rain and stain repellent to all suede surfaces.  The top of the right shoulder strap has a cattle brand on it, and on the bottom of the main body on the righthand side there is a large scar.

The basic backpack graph paper drawing and rough instructions were posted in 2013 to a leatherworker forum but have been deleted.  All I know is the forum handle for the designer.  Comes with a custom-made muslin storage bag.  I entered this backpack in the state fair last summer and won 1st place and division champion, natural items category!

Made in Alaska
One of a kind

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Weight 140 oz
Dimensions 21 × 12.5 × 20 in