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Elizabeth Might’ve Wanted to Rock

On January 26, 2012, the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage, Alaska, hosted its 3rd annual Object:Runway fashion show. In collaboration with model Joelle Brown, I made this piece for the show, titled Elizabeth Might’ve Wanted to Rock — basically a punk rock take on the Virgin Queen. It is made of vintage buckskin, dyed black. The top is disassembled and reassembled pieces, with the pattern pieces cut out of that and sewn, snapped, and laced together. The skirt features a hand-cutout pattern modeled after a 16th-Century fabric a woman would have worn in her skirt. The red satin drawers are actually based on a Civil War pattern, but you don’t know the diff!

Available for sale in my Etsy store for a pittance compared to what went into it over the course of 2012. Seriously, do not try to talk me down if you are seriously interested in sporting this.