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Catching up

The most exciting project of the year was these hand-cut, hand-punched, hand-stitched, hand-painted saddlebags that won me third place in the Alaska State Fair in the leather category. Sweet! I made them with copper rivets and heavy-duty black grommets, along with two cool antique copper cart buckles I got from a Wyoming tack seller. Below is a photo of one side. The other doesn’t have any painted elements, just cool range scars and a brand. I have some copper Dee rings to add, and then I will post them for sale in my Etsy shop.

This summer I made a custom wristband for a customer that she’s always wanted: black stoned oil cowhide with two rows of line 24 snaps. Simple and strong design.

I also made a spooky purple skull cameo wristband that’s available in my Etsy shop.

For Tides & Time Tattoos by Shelly V, whose shop is steampunk-themed, I made a collection of keyfobs to sell. She and her staff loved them so much that they kept most of them for themselves!